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Some Great Questions I was asked a while back during a chat

On December 5th, 2009 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman interviewed author and editor Debbie Herald on writing for the erotic romance marketplace. Debbie Herald is an author and Editor currently working for Lyrical Press. Her two most recent books are Perfect Game and Sweet Dreams, available from BookStrand paperback and on Amazon Kindle formats under the pseudonymn Jordana Ryan. Among questions which Debbie answered for us were:

  • What makes a good erotic romance?
  • What is the difference between erotic romance and pornography?
  • pseudonymns
  • If a writer uses naughty words does that automatically make it erotic romance?
  • If you write erotic romance can you branch out to difference sub genres with success?
  • What makes erotic romance so highly successful in epublishing?
  • Is there a standard for how much sex should go into an erotic romance?
  • As an editor what do you like to see in a sex scene?
  • What pushes the boundaries if anything in erotic romance?

Debbie has enjoyed the written word since she was a child and takes a specific liking to Contemporary and Historical romance. Debbie enjoys working with authors to polish their work and see it through to publication. When not writing or editing she can often be found cooking, with her friends, or with her young child doing any number of things.

Listen to Debbie Herald: Writing & Publishing Erotic Romance Novels

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