Love is a promise... a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. John Lennon

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A Gentleman's Dare

Strong arms wrapped around me from behind and I gasped with the forcefulness of it. It didn’t occur to me to be scared. I sank back against his chest, feeling his strength and superiority. Not that I was inferior as a woman, but he was in control of his desires while mine held me captive.

The elevator door dinged to announce it’s arrival and he held me closer as we watched the door open and then close again.

When his hot mouth opened on my neck, my knees went weak. I imagine he expected that as his arms tightened around me, prepared to hold me up. A moan escaped me and I felt him smile against my neck. He knew I was his puppet. His hands traveled to my waist and turned me to meet his eyes. Searching the chocolate brown depths, I saw the lust and desire that neither of us gave voice to.

Ever so slowly, his mouth descended to mine. Searching for acceptance and having no trouble finding it. While his mouth worked mine, his hands came up to the buttons on my blouse and deftly he unbuttoned them. His warm hands spread over my bare midriff in an intensely sexual gesture.

As the blouse slid down my arms, I shivered slightly with desire. I took my hands and ran them over the muscles that ripples beneath the T-shirt he wore.

I think we should take this inside.” The words were spoken slowly and quietly. His voice was husky and full of desire.

Instead of making a move to enter the safe haven of his apartment, I leaned in and kissed him passionately. Groping my way along his torso to the hem of the t-shirt he wore. With a quick jerking movement, I pull the shirt over his head and admire the naked skin of his chest. I’m breathless. This is a sight I have only imagined before.

My fingertips skim his bronzed skin and I hear the catch in his breath as lightly I pinch his nipples. When my mouth follows that path that my fingers took, he draws in a breath as my mouth closes around the tiny nub.

His hands reach down and unclasp my bra and it falls away from my body. Moving back I allow it to slip to the floor and watch it land in a pile that begun with my blouse.

As I work my way back up to his mouth I make sure that my breasts drag against his body, bare skin meeting bare skin. The contact was hot. The roughness of the springy hair on his chest tickled me. I relished the feeling as I again took his mouth in a kiss full of passion.

The cocky half smile that I have come to adore appears on his face as he breaks away from my kiss. His hands travel down the length of my body. When his hands caress my ass, I am weak with desire. He pushes me up against the wall and his hands massage my ass as he encourages me to wrap my legs around him.

I comply. I am more than his puppet, I have now become his slave. His mouth works my hard nipple, and I moan my pleasure into his neck. His hard cock pushes against me, begging us to remove the barriers that block it from entering my moist haven.

The ding of the elevator breaks through our breathless panting, but we remain where we are. I don’t care who sees us. I want the world to know that this God is going to fuck me. With his mouth tightly attached to my nipple, I take my fingernails and dig them into the skin of his back. I hear his sharp intake of breath and know that the slight painful sensation only heightened his arousal.

I look up at the man and woman who stepped off the elevator and stared at  us. I smiled a sultry smile. The woman had enough decency to look outraged. The man’s eyes held a hint of jealousy and arousal. I winked at him. Perhaps next time I would bring my charms to his door, but for now I was all wrapped up in the God who was now working the button of my jeans.

Do not Judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes