Love is a promise... a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. John Lennon

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Why do little ones cry

With no loving one to dry their eyes

Why do the rich live in luxury

While the struggling mom and her child go hungry

Why do some people grow up hated

While others have themselves overrated

Why do some parents beat their kids

Why can't I speak my thoughts and not keep them hid

Why do people talk but not hear

Why must we all live our lives in fear

Why is anyone better than anyone else

Why can't people just think for themselves

Why must our troops continue to fight

While George just sits in an office saying it's right

Why must it be all white or black

Why must individuality be attacked

Why can't we think of what we should say

Why can't we let go and just live for today

Why can't the tears and pain subside

Why do people feel the need to hide

Why do our young learn to fight

Why can't we teach them what is right

Why do we complain of what we can't change

Why can't we give more in exchange

Why do we believe only whats seen

Why is it right or wrong with no in between

Why do we kill our one chance of hope

Why can't we teach our kids to cope

Why do they victimize

Why do we criticize

Why can't we pray to the Lord above

Why can't our hearts feel unconditional love

Why do we watch our loved ones cry

Why can't we help those sentenced to die

Why do we pretend this world is okay

Why can't we see that there is another way

Now I lay me down to sleep, if the Lord really loves me this will all just be a dream

Anything is possible, they say the immortal being is Supreme

In a world that was supposedly created to be perfect

There sure has been a lot of pain and hardship to inflict

Triumphs few and far between

Life full people that set out to hurt and demean

Robbery, rape, murder, kids killing kids, moms killing babies, neglect, abuse, people who just don't care

Is it any wonder that people believe the Lord just isn't there

Blind faith and trust is what's expected

But day after day you continue to get blasted

By things that hurt, and bring you low

The Lord doesn't answer, does he hear you? You don't know?

Prayers go unanswered no matter how many times you try

There's nothing left to do now but sit here and cry

Cry for the things that are lost and will never be found

Cry for the sorrow you feel, it's profound

To get to the Lord one must give up control

How can you can do that when the last time you tried you ended up in a hellhole

Wanting so much to have faith and to trust

But how can I have faith in a Lord who turned my life to dust?

Do not Judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes