Love is a promise... a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. John Lennon

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The Wrong Woman

The bachelorette party had been a success and Emma was very happy with the results. Brit was a great girl and they had been friends for an eternity it seemed. The look on her face when the male stripper entered was priceless and had been caught on camera for the scrapbook Emma would make of the wedding.


Brit screamed and laughed like a little girl when he ripped off his shirt and pants, and was left only in a g-string. All the women at the party encouraged her to get up and dance with him. They laughed hysterically to see proper little Brit's hips gyrating against the strippers. He had obviously enjoyed it too, because when they separated, his cock had grown massively hard.


When he was finally nude, all the girls giggled as they marveled over the size of his giant prick, which he took great pleasure in swinging in front of their faces. When all was said and done, it had been a very pleasurable night indeed, and everyone wound down to get a good nights sleep for the wedding festivities the next day.


Emma couldn't sleep it was too hot, and she was horny as hell. She got out of bed, grabbed her keys and drove to the one place she knew she'd be able to focus on something other than the stripper’s cock and how perfect it had been.


Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at Jake's house, and she rang the doorbell waiting patiently for a response. The lights were all out. Obviously, the bachelor party had knocked them all out early too. She turned ready to leave, when the door opened.


Emma smiled as Jake stepped back motioning for her to come in.


"How did the party go?" he asked


“Not bad at all, we had a lot of fun."


"Was there a stripper?" he asked nonchalantly.


"Well of course there was, we couldn't throw Brit a bachelorette party without one"


"I can't believe I am marrying her tomorrow, she is my dream woman."


"And you are her dream man." Emma replied.


They made small talk. When he stood and stretched, Emma took a moment to admire the man that her friend was to marry. Jake had been her best friend all her life. She actually was the one who introduced him to Brit and was mildly surprised the relationship seemed to be so good.


"Would you like a drink?


"Yes, not that I should have anymore. I just sobered up enough to drive from our party." She said laughingly


He smiled that devilishly handsome smile that made her heart go pitter-patter every time he was near.


"Well, I'll go easy on you then. Rum and coke?"


"You guessed it."


She watched his gorgeous ass as he walked away. She knew it was sinful to be watching her friend’s fiancÚ that way but she couldn't help herself. The damn stripper had made her horny and she was with the one man she found sexier than any other on the planet. He turned around drinks in hand. She tried not to blush. She knew he had caught her staring at his ass. He sat down next to her and handed her the drink.


"It's a little hot in here, do you mind if I take my shirt off?"


"Of course not, why would I? I've seen you shirtless countless times."


He pulled off his shirt and sat down next to her. Two drinks later they were both giggling over old times and tricks they used to play on each other.


"The one thing I remember most about you is that you are ticklish," he said grinning


"Oh no you don't!"


Jake launched himself on top of her and began to tickle her without remorse. She wiggled and struggled against him, coming in contact with his ever hardening cock. It wasn't long before she couldn't take anymore. The sensations of alcohol swirling in her head, the feeling of his hands all over her body, and the huge bulge in his pants rubbing against her, she was coming undone.


"I should go” she said, “if I am to be a lovely maid of honor I need to sleep."


"No, don't go" he said pulling her back down almost in his lap.


Emma didn't quite know what to say, and it seemed he didn't either. Again, he started to tickle her, but it wasn’t the same.


"C'mon baby, loosen up a little, this is my last night as a bachelor, I couldn't think of a better person to spend it with." He leaned in to give her a light kiss on the lips. Before either of them knew what was happening, the kiss deepened, and his tongue was making love to her mouth. She moaned half in pleasure and half in protest.

* * * *


Jake had always admired Emma's hot little body. They were best friends but that didn't stop him from looking at her perky little breasts, and nicely rounded ass. He thought she was the most beautiful woman who existed and compared to Brit, who was still virginal and proper, Emma was one hot little number. The skirt she was wearing was short, black and made of some sort of lacy material. He wondered what her panties looked like. He longed to stick his hands up her skirt and see just how wet she was.



Do not Judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes